Chioma Iloegbunam

Practical Utopias with Margaret Atwood: "Samsara"

Emporium VisDev

Noggin's "Make & Bake A Champion Cake" Character Turnarounds:

Admiral Icing

Fairyscape Explorations

"Stached" Preview: Mupp's Cove (Interior Shot)

Patch Animation Short Film

“Ill Willies in the Imagined World” Assets

The Baker's Cottage & The Peddler's Workshop

Robyn’s Journal Entry (No.1)

The Quims Tree (Robyn POV + Full Render)

“Arid Planet”

"The Heart Bearer" Personal Project:

Mapleton Grove Prelim Explorations

“Ill Willies in the Imagined World” Assets


"The Heart Bearer" Personal Project:

"Suzy Ferrywinkle" Character Turnaround Sheet

"Sweet Village" Full Render

“Bridge to Venenumia.”

The Heart Bearer Personal Project

Victorian Character Lineup (Violet, Jack & Madame Slumbottom)

“The Predicament”

Jack & Violet

“James Squeakinsky” Character Expression Sheet

"Robyn & Bob" Personal Project:

Animated Gif

Visual Development

"The Heart Bearer" Personal Project

Character Designs

Unreleased Project (Visual Development)