& Process Work

Color Comps (Robyn)

Robyn’s Entry (No. 6)

Color Comps (Flora)

Arid Desert

Narrative Overview + Props & Process Work

Arid Planet:

Color Explorations

Arid Planet

(Full Render)

Arid Planet:

Flora Explorations

Arid Planet:

Rock Explorations

Sweet Village

Full Process + Prelim Work

“Sweet Village”

Full Render

Rough Prelim. Ideas

Color Comps

“The Waygami Forest”

Full Illustration

Color Comps

Character Explorations

Character Lineup

“The Heart Bearer” Main Scenes: Mapleton Grove & Venenumia

Tropical Jungle

Futurism Comps

Outer Space Comp

Glass Castle

The Hills of Wazzleton Ver. 2 (book illustration page)

Futuristic World (Venenumia prelim. idea)

(View “The Heart Bearer” project for full illustrations + context)

“Mapleton Grove” Preliminary Explorations (V.2)

"The Heart Bearer" Personal Project

The Portal to Nothingness